we express our hidden potential

We have been in the industry since 2007, we are very experienced and best at what we do, since we have been doing the Traditional Zulu dance with many big groups in the past that we personally formed but due to unprofessional behaviour of some of the past members, we decided to form our own group called Kangaroo Zulu Dancers on the year of 2017, which is the current group that is killing the game right now.

Not only that we do the Traditional Zulu Dance (Indlamu) as our main dance, but we also do Gumboots Dance, Ushameni Dance, Isikhuza Dance, uMzansi Dance, Panstulla Dance, Tswana Dance


It is in our veins to make people happy

we are commited to our passion

The group consist of 30 youth members at the moment who are very proud, energetic, and talented at what they do. We have performed in many big places while we were still in the previous groups, we even went overseas because of our dedication and commitment with each other as group members. Since Kangaroo Zulu Dancers was formed last year (2017), we have had some few gigs but as the group grows we do better and better. Our main aim is to encourage the youth in our communities to participate in cultural activities, as a way of fighting against bad habits that are killing the youth of today and also to discover new talent from the youth itself.

We focus on being the best

Kangaroo Zulu Dancers travelled to New York City (USA) with the group which was formed especially for DanceAfrica 2018, Ingoma Kwa-Zulu Natal Dance Company directed by bab՚uDuma Ndlovu. This super group was comprises members of four traditional and contemporary South African Companies, these four companies was selected on the auditions that took place on both Durban and Johannesburg, these companies was selected in auditions by the artistic director of the DanceAfrica festival (Abdel R. Salaam) and the director of almost many best soaps in South Africa (bab՚uDuma Ndlovu), Kangaroo Zulu Dancers experienced a lot to work with them.


We then received more followers and started receiving invitations to perform at weddings and traditional ceremonies etc. Vumani Gasa together with Ayanda Mngadi, Sakhile Shezi and Mhlonishwa they started thinking about all that the group can achieve in educating the youth about our culture and the dance. That is where they decided to register the group as an NPO in order to run work professionally and start engaging government departments and other professional cultural organisations. The group then was registered on the 6th September 2017 under Department of Social Development as Kangaroo Zulu Dancers and Community Youth Development, registration number (195-607 NPO) of which now we are working hard to market and get more involved in cultural activities that are taking place in and outside the country. Most of all, is the project that we have established in teaching and educating about the Zulu culture and the Zulu dance including warrior dance.